Here at Thomas V Publishing we are an independent UK publisher committed to educating and entertaining through the written and spoken word with our new books, audios, new courses, and MUCH MORE.. We are a small but dynamic team consisting of writers, illustrators, a great in-house editor and typesetter, ALL committed to producing unique and enjoyable publications. We aim to bring an innovative approach to independent book publishing!

At Thomas V Publishing, our PASSION is to inspire the next generation of readers and writers through our books, and workshops.Are you a writer struggling to get your book into print? Then DO get in touch as we are planning self
publishing workshops which will motivate and inform you how to take positive steps to getting your book published.  We also provide 1:1 coaching to help you stay on track. Are you a school teacher or librarian? Then DO get in touch as we hold reading tours to share our children publications.  We can be contacted on



We are delighted to introduce you to our new publications.  First up is our debut children’s book. There are, fun pictures and a lovely colouring corner!!

Rebecca and the Strangest Garden by V.V.Thomas

You can order a copy here, or just click on the image above to be taken to our shopping store!

Next up is our exciting book for single ladies which is destined to be a good seller covering how to live a fulfilled and exciting life as a single woman…

Successful Single Lady by V V Thomas


We are also delighted to introduce our travel guide to

Israel, Though the Eyes of a Native Jamaican.

One man’s account of his second and final trip to the Promised Land. This will make a stimulating and enjoyable read.

Both books are due out in 2020.