Press Release for Rebecca and the Strangest Garden Book Launch


The publication of ‘Rebecca and the Strangest Garden by V V Thomas was celebrated at an exclusive book launch event in the heart of Mayfair during Black History Month. The book depicts the adventure of a young African-Caribbean schoolgirl named Rebecca, who goes to stay with her auntie for what she thought would be a quiet and peaceful half-term break. Rebecca’s time away from school was to be interrupted by new mystery friends, disasters averted and much more… Rebecca soon learned the true meaning of ‘hearing it on the grapevine’, ‘gossips over the garden fence’ and, before long, she too recognised the importance of having ‘green fingers’. This is an excellent tale of supernatural friendships, survival and hope.

The author V V Thomas (Vi Thomas), herself from an African-Caribbean heritage, lives in London where she work as a qualified nurse. In her spare time, she enjoys writing and has undertaken numerous written assignments, such as editing an Infection Control book, co-authoring a ‘Safety Toolkit for Midwives’, and sitting on an editorial board for a national nursing journal. ‘Rebecca and the Strangest Garden’ was first published on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing under a pen name, where the feedback encouraged her to put the story into print for a wider audience.

Two of the readers commented:

This is a really fun story for older children and young adults. I read this with my niece (who is 11) on my Kindle, and she and I both enjoyed it so much. The writing is fun and the story is really quite interesting. It has a good mix of fantasy as well, which my niece especially loved. The content was clean, with nothing that I found objectionable for an 11-year-old to be reading. Overall it was a great story by a wonderful new author. Highly recommended.” J Foster


I found this book to be very creative and endearing. I decided to read it before I showed my goddaughter the story, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. It held my attention, which it sometimes quite difficult for me! It also had a lovely ending, which I felt was truly inspirational.” J P Robinson

The book is now available in paperback and limited colour edition hardback; both versions have a special ‘Colouring Corner’ section, which is a particular treat for the reader. The eBook version is also available, with the audio version scheduled for early 2017.

“What qualifies you, a single woman without children, to write a children’s book???” asked a ‘supposed well-wisher’. Undeterred, V V Thomas simply referred to the creative fodder generated by being surrounded by 10 wonderful nieces and nephews and two lovely godchildren!

Prepare to be charmed by ‘Rebecca and the Strangest Garden’ by V V Thomas. Available from Amazon, Waterstones and other good bookstores.

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